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I have suffered two separate sudden hearing losses. The first in 2011, (involving a mobile phone), caused a significant loss above 1 kHz. In 2016 my remaining good ear was damaged by microsuction, with loss from 2kHz upwards.

Aids gave me good hearing in a quiet space. But busy surroundings caused confusion leading to feelings of isolation and exclusion.

Worst of all was the effect on my musical life. Fifty years playing church organs had provided me with challenge and stimulation, enjoyment and relaxation. Without aids the high frequency loss destroyed the beauty and majesty of the organ. With aids the distortion experienced was equally devastating. I simply had to abandon playing.

I was saved by a sympathetic and highly competent audiologist, together with the remarkable ability of the brain to adapt. My persistence and patience have been sorely tested but I have returned to playing the organ with satisfaction.

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