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What patient / personally-identifiable data will this study collect and why?

All data is anonymized, and patient details are only visible to the clinical team involved with the patient care. No personal details will be collected.

Approvals within the UK

This study has received REC approval and is registered with the HRA and NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio

Consent for Quality of Life (QoL) data

Patient consent is required at centres registered to collect QoL data. Consent is not required from patients at centres collecting non-QoL data only. Consent forms can be found in registration packs sent to site leads, or downloaded from our website (link).

Data Collection

REDCap access

To request REDCap access please contact the SeaSHeL academic team

My hospital is not on the registered list, is my hospital site eligible to participate?

Please contact your regional lead or the SeaSHeL Academic team to register your interest in the study.

What are the minimum requirements for inclusion as co-author on this study

Be a site lead who has contributed patient data to the study. A clinician who is not a site lead who has contributed to the recruitment of patients. A regional lead that has overseen site set up and recruitment. A member of the academic team.

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