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I experienced SSNHL, completely out of the blue, in Feb 2019 at the age of 61. In the middle of a lengthy DIY project and with no other symptoms I suddenly found myself unable to keep my balance, losing my hearing on the left side and developing whistling tinnitus. A visit to my GP concluded that it might be an infection, but ear wax prevented a full diagnosis. Weeks later after micro suction, steroids and an MRI scan it was diagnosed as idiopathic ‘unilateral sensorineural sudden onset hearing loss’. I had never heard of it (no pun intended). I now have a hearing aid which helps with the tinnitus but little else. I continue to search the internet for news of progress and a much hoped for remedy. I retired some years ago after a career in imaging technology, from photography to printing and ultimately the movie business. Ten years in research followed by product development, manufacturing and process improvement gives perspective on finding new products. I keep busy with the family, but we rarely go to pubs or restaurants and social events can be very difficult. Our boxer dog also likes to help me with my extensive exercise regime!

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